how to counter rumble top
how to counter rumble top

How to counter rumble top

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Rumble is a popular top laner in League of Legends, known for his ability to deal significant damage and control the battlefield. If you are facing a Rumble top, it can be challenging to counter his abilities and stay ahead in the game. In this article, we will discuss some effective strategies for countering Rumble top.

Here is step by step :

  1. Pick a Champion with Range

One of the most effective ways to counter Rumble top is to pick a champion with range, such as Jayce, Kennen, or Gnar. These champions can poke Rumble from a distance, making it difficult for him to engage in close combat. They can also kite Rumble effectively and prevent him from getting close enough to use his abilities.

  1. Avoid Extended Trades

Rumble is strongest when he can use his abilities repeatedly, dealing damage over time. To counter this, avoid extended trades with Rumble. Instead, focus on short trades, using your abilities to deal damage and then retreating before Rumble can use his abilities on you.

  1. Build Magic Resist

Rumble deals primarily magic damage, so building magic resist can be an effective way to counter him. Items such as Mercury’s Treads, Wit’s End, and Spirit Visage can help to reduce Rumble’s damage output and make him less effective in combat.

  1. Punish Rumble’s Overextensions

Rumble is vulnerable to ganks and can easily overextend in lane. Punish Rumble’s overextensions by calling for a gank from your jungler or roaming to other lanes to help your team secure objectives.

  1. Focus on Farming

If you find it difficult to trade with Rumble, focus on farming instead. Stay safe under your tower and try to last hit minions to build up your gold and experience. Rumble is strong in the early game, but falls off in the later stages of the game, so focus on farming to build up your own strength.

In Conclusion

Rumble is a powerful top laner, but there are effective ways to counter his abilities and stay ahead in the game. Pick a champion with range, avoid extended trades, build magic resist, punish Rumble’s overextensions, and focus on farming to build up your own strength. By following these strategies, you can counter Rumble top and help your team secure victory.

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